• scron - I like that it doesn’t come with many features, and the lack of spool directory. having crontabs managed by users and ran with their commune user instances seems like it makes more sense to me than it does to have a central daemon doing it. However, scron seems almost unmaintained, it has somewhat ugly documentation, and I’d prefer something different. vixie-cron is old as hell (and not properly public domain as Vixie himself claims), cronie is being consumed by the GPL, slicd is better but GPL-3.0, so it seems our choices are slim.

    • snooze by Leah Neukirchen could be a good candidate. I think that could go really well with commune, perhaps having some sort of commune snooze scope to integrate with it. It’s not a daemon, but their intended method of using snooze is to use it with a supervisor like runit (or, in our case, s6).



  • password-store - something without a dependency on bash would be nicer though; there are some reimplementations/workalikes like tpm and spm are regular sh, but they lack a lot of features and niceities

  • browser…​?